Server Uptime Monitor keeps track of the website’s uptime, speed, ... and updates you immediately when necessary.



You can register your website or server to Server Uptime Monitor by using Endpoint. This way you can easily group your monitors and keep a well-organized dashboard.

Alert Triggers

By using alert triggers you can choose when, how and who receives notifications when something goes wrong.

Status Page

You can inform your customers of possible problems in a transparent way through status pages that have been set up according to your own preferences.

Uptime Monitor

The uptime monitor checks the reach (uptime) of your website by doing a simple test every minute to determine whether the website is still available.

Load Time Monitor

The load time monitor monitors the speed of your website by opening the website through a browser every so often and by doing a lighthouse test.

SSL Monitor

The SSL monitor looks at your website’s secured https connection and whether the certificates are still valid. You will also receive an alert if something goes wrong with the renewal of your certificate.

Ping Monitor

The ping monitor does a simple network ping to determine your network’s speed.

DNS Monitor

The DNS monitor checks your domain name’s DNS records and notifies you when a record is changed.

Multiple Locations

Thanks to our multiple locations worldwide you can check your website or server from anywhere in the world without any problems.